What to Expect From a Solar Panel Installation Service

If you are interested in starting your own solar panel installation service, you will need to have some basic knowledge about electricity and construction. You can also consider getting a degree in electrical work or construction. If you have these skills, you will have an advantage when installing the solar panels on rooftops. These professionals are also responsible for evaluating the electrical condition of the home. After you hire them, they will conduct a final inspection of the installation, which can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

When hiring a solar installer, make sure they are licensed. The electrical contractor you choose must be licensed, and the solarize program may also require a licensed installer. Also, make sure to check for a workmanship warranty. If a company does not offer this warranty, you might want to avoid hiring them. However, if the installer does not have the proper license, you are responsible for paying for their installation. Make sure you get the warranty that covers problems caused by improper installation.

Once the installer is approved, they will begin the installation. If your system has a warranty, they will replace the equipment if you have problems with it. During the installation, the installer will place an order for the required equipment through the primary distributor. Once the equipment arrives, you will need to wait a few weeks before it goes live. The electrical box needs to be upgraded to accommodate the new panels. And if the system is old, it might require replacement. You can get the panels installed in as little as two days if you hire a reputable company.

Once your solar panel installation service has installed the panels, they will assess your property and design a solar system for you. They will discuss the design with you and make sure it suits your budget. The installer will also handle all paperwork and permits on your behalf. It is important to note that your installer will provide you with a warranty on the installation of solar panels. In addition to the price, you should also check with the installer for any other maintenance requirements.

In addition to solar panels, the installation process also includes the wiring. Installing electrical wiring requires a licensed electrician and a professional installer who understands the wiring and the MC4 connectors are the best choice for your particular system. Then the installer will attach the solar panels to the racking support and install an inverter, which converts direct current energy to alternating current (AC).

Before choosing a solar panel installation service, take the time to read reviews on the internet. People tend to be very honest when writing reviews, and you can learn a lot about the company. Ask them to provide a list of their previous clients. If possible, drive to each job site and speak with their clients. Onsite inspections can give you an idea of where to position the panels and whether they are properly installed. You also can get an idea of how effective their work is.

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